hubbily dubbily wanna be sippersannper laughcracker Laugh! whimpersnaper jing jong pfnacker believe it or not I’m a blood swipper bedaffer, ain’t no talkin’ bout whithers to tathers. comparisons make no sense only nonses mteric drama a little to tight for moma hear me a poetic shame what’s the name of the game? big mack padwack give a dog a bone. Phone home. roam: what a fone. Baloney macarony eat my chop and flunk the duke. Mmmmkay funny humor what is humor? no time to think just write impulse the name of my fulse names? impluse? is there a connection? only in reflection. big bad comprehension and the things of malcontention bad content discontent frued mula jula phalda hyde fermalda hyde investigate the perpetuate…. looking at the stream, screen what’s in a stream but water? not even a common denomonator, reaction satisfaction my consciosness is interaction between infraction breking all rules except grammar but not the wittegeinstien grammar it’s only a matter of factor how many muscles does the jar hold philosophical muscles… witgenstein that is. flex your philosophical wittgensteins. architects re-elect the body into a concept. bodyoes aren’t compatable with concepts…. artificial intellingence the euphoria animation system getting into my psyche here reflection complexion french spelling. I admire that. more reflection hesitation – the key to cosciousness Keys valuations of importance. there are no keys only bees and they communicate with ease. no reflection just doing the job with no contraception I’m instead a man reaping no benefits because I’m mad. I don’t like mad. I like batshit crazy. trying to be funny more reflection intropspection everyone – but not one not you is around me while i write this to you. Poo unbelievable stinking poo. moo carbon emisions the world is flat not without a baseball ba. Why all the rhymes? Sound is a metaphor …. no more rhymes time to do time to sleep with it to wake with it to bake with it time is always on my mind but i don’t have the time hence i need to remind I want to recline no more reflection this dadaist conception is over comotose composer.


2 Responses to “Streams Dreams Machines”

  1. Unbelievable turnout last night: 200+ guests, 4 “contractual participants” bought 7 blocks.
    Have posted your comment on & have linked you.


  2. RiseInRuin said

    Congradulations, M. Cameron.

    That’s alot of people, and alot of buyers.

    I wonder if the (already interactive) buyers will interact passively, or physically in the times to come. In any case, it should be an interesting dynamic to consider.

    I’m glad it went well.

    Congradulations and thanks,


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