The Crystaline – A Looking Glass Into Itself

January 9, 2009

Robert Smithson – Corner Mirror with Coral, 1969

The classifications of the ever sprawling and transformative myths are the entropic rotations of the crystalline.  The crystal, it seems, is a looking glass, a scope where the light eventually becomes diffused into an opaque “death”.  Each three-dimensional geometry in the crystal is refracting, and absorbing light, “pushing” some through, while containing “bounce light” refractions.  This, might be looked at as a three-dimensional metaphor for the geo-linguistic classifications of time.  The entropy of the heat is the essential cause of this nucleaic procedure of rotation, and geometric emergence.  It is a three-dimensional mirror of geo-linguistic time.  It contains a powerful metaphor in the reflective experiencing mind.  It might be the reflection of the mirror.  Or in other words, when one looks at a crystal, the abstract three-dimensions of the scattered reflective mind are expressed in the crystal, and impressed (or “embedded”) in the reflection.  It is a “back-and-forth” entropic dialogue that sprawls out new three-dimensional categories.  The crystalline is a three-dimensional map of the reflective mind.  It is a “sediment of the mind” as Smithson might say.  Inside this nonsite contains a powerful metaphor that shifts with the entropic structure of geo-linguistic time.  

The crystaline is transparent glass that one looks through to see itself.  It is unlike anything else.


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