The Crystal Mono-Myth

January 6, 2009

Rule Binding Otherness, or Rationalizing the Absurd



Ice is the medium most alien to organic life, a considerable accumulation of it completely disrupts the normal course of processes in the biosphere.” – P.A. Shumki, Principles of Structural Glaciology

A crystal grows along the lattices lines, rotating on a nucleaic axis. As the axis rotates, polygonal symmetries are formed, through neucleation (a thermodynamic process).

In this sense, a crystal is like language. The crystal might be said to be the language of the biosphere. It’s a thermodynamic process, called nucleation where an ice crystal either grows or melts. This is from the sun. The sun is the mono-mythical determinant of the fate of the crystal. Likewise, God(s) (like the Freudian Triad, or mythical figures) are the determinants of the fates of language. Language, as with crystals, are a rule-bound expansion or retraction. Crystals are an expression of “… the normal course of processes in the biosphere.” Or, they adhere to the shifts of one God (the Sun) in geological time. The development of language adheres to many gods across many platforms, influences, revisions, interpretations etc. With the Scientific revolution, our language is becoming revised or “rotated” in a rapid manner. Take this etymology as an example, not a line of reasoning:

Mirrorc.1225, from O.Fr. mireor “a reflecting glass,” earlier miradoir (11c.), from mirer “look at,” from V.L. *mirare, from L. mirari “to wonder at, admire”.

The latin “root” “contains” a psychological meaning. It is the from the Latin Gods, or the “roman” gods.

The Cultus deorum romanum, or “the cult of the Roman Gods”:

The indigetes were the original gods of the Roman state […] and their names and nature are indicated by the titles of the earliest priests and by the fixed festivals of the calendar; 30 such gods were honored with special festivals. The novensides were later divinities whose cults were introduced to the city in the historical period, usually at a known date and in response to a specific crisis or felt need. Early Roman divinities included, in addition to the di indigetes, a host of so-called specialist gods whose names were invoked in the carrying out of various activities, such as harvesting. Fragments of old ritual accompanying such acts as plowing or sowing reveal that at every stage of the operation a separate deity was invoked, the name of each deity being regularly derived from the verb for the operation. Such divinities may be grouped under the general term of attendant, or auxiliary, gods, who were invoked along with the greater deities.” – Wikipedia

The latin Gods were revised from older geographical myth-making. At every stage of agriculture, a different Deity was invoked. The psyche was devoted to accounting for several aspects of agriculture. The explanations of the agricultural aspects were attributed to Gods. This, in many ways, is very similar to the way our science “rules” language functions. Science (meaning ammendment-rationality) is now our “God”, only this is no God at all. It is revisable to a potentially infinite “end”. The axis of the Crystal-language is rotating at an ever more rapid pace. It is expanding along lattice lines from the evolution of God into Science. The language-Crystal is enormous.


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